Freelance designer and maker.

I design and code digital products, apps and brands. Follow me for latest at Instagram, Twitter or Dribbble.

Selected projects

Single link for all your links

Personal project

Nano is a free minisite builder. You can easily create a personal (or corporate) page for all your links that can be shared in social media. I created the concept, code, and the design with a little backend help from a friend.

Gig work in mobile


With over 30k users in Finland, Sumpli has become the go-to hiring platform for gig workers and also enterprise-grade tool for flexible workforce management.

Digital agency for websites and growth

Founder, Manager

Client Studio is digital agency for websites and digital design. We also do growth marketing projects for selected brands. Some of my larger commercial projects are run by me and my team at Client. I work mostly as a project / design lead.

Performance based influencer marketing platform

Partner, Design Lead

Styledoubler is focused on SE Asian fast-growing e-commerce markets. We've build unique performance (sales) based influencer marketing platform together with multiple billion-dollar marketplaces. I lead the product and brand design.

Direct commerce luxury shirts


Bonhomie is my passion project to manufacture a perfect shirt using the finest fabrics and materials. We've produced about a thousand shirts so far and have loyal customers around the world. I believe future retail will be much driven by direct to consumer digital brands. I created the branding, e-commerce site and product design (with additional help from sartorial friends in Helsinki and Paris).

Find the right partners for your website


Remotelyn is a community of experienced designers and developers available for hire for single tasks or projects. Post your projects for free.

Get some Hjelp


Hjelp was founded during the covid crisis to provide a platform for neighborhood helpers. A new life as a marketplace for simple tasks is currently being planned.

Coming soon

App concept for Oura ring

Client work, 2017

Oura is a world-famous health ring that monitors your sleep, activity and overall readiness. I worked with their team as a freelance designer designing a smoother mobile experience and app.

Branding for the new real estate company

Client work, 2019

Neliöt Liikkuu is a newly found real estate agent in Finland that has already swept the market and set the example for the rest. I designed their brand identity, website and more.